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Runescape 3 - Celebrate Winter With a New Quest and Enjoy Bonuses During the Weekends!

time 01/01/2018

The cold season is perfect for staying indoors and gaming and Runescape 3 players have more reasons to spend time in their favorite MMORPG starting December 1st. Until January 8th, each weekend comes with a mini-event that has a different theme. 
The first weekend is the combat weekend. Players get 50% more slayer skill XP, lower instance fees, increased drop rates and more points from boss training. The Menaphos and Sophanem weekend allows players to get more reputation and XP from activities pertaining to this zone. The mini-games weekend increases the rewards from various mini-games. The gathering and support skills weekend is a great time to work on divination, fishing, dungeoneering, hunting, mining, and more skills from these two categories. 
The clue scrolls weekend gives players one free re-roll clue rewards per day, increased rates for clues from pickpocketing, and extra rewards such as food, charms, slayer VIP tickets, and more. The last festive weekend is all about artisan skills. During this weekend, players should focus on crafting, herblore, construction, fletching, cooking, and smithing as there are bonuses for each skill. For the entire duration of the festive season, players will enjoy port bonuses. They will get 10 more daily voyages and more resources in return. The Barmaid makes an appearance over the weekend as well. For the entire duration of the month of December, players get one free daily gift. It's possible to claim retroactive gifts. If you got no gift, buy Runescape 3 Gold from u7buy is a good choice to have more fun in new year. 
The 2017 Christmas quest is called The G-Nome Project. Players are required to assist Santa Claus with an important task. They will start by traveling to Varrock. Once they get there, they will get the mission objectives from the Queen of Snow. There is something awful going on that also involves the Queen Black Dragon. A brave hero is needed so players are invited to lend a helping hand. Players should not forget to check the forums as there is an event called Advent-ure Calendar going on there as well. 

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