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Want to Know More About NBA Live 18? Read These Tips!

time 01/11/2018

Create an ultra-personalized avatar using the app. NBA Live 18 has an app for Android and iOS that allows players to scan their face and use the image to customize their in-game basketball player. The app can be download and used for free. The scan is easy to take and there is a guide to assist players. Tips about lighting and such help players take a quality scan.
Check your local internet connection first. Players that cannot go online are advised to check their connection first. The official NBA Live 18 help page has some guidelines on how to do that but there are also numerous online resources that teach players how to do this check themselves.
Consider opening some specific ports. If everything is alright connection wise on players' end, then it's time to do a console check. Once again, players can go online and look up on how to check their console connectivity. NBA Live 18 team also suggests opening specific ports on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The list of ports is found on the game's support page.
Think twice about deleting a UT team. The edit franchise feature in mode allows players to customize their teams. They can select a new name, another logo, replace the coach, change the jerseys, and pick another arena. The option to delete the team is also available. This decision should not be taken lightly as everything associated with that team will be lost. The only thing that is kept is the NBA points balance. NBA Live 18 Coins go away. This action cannot be undone as the support team cannot restore deleted teams.
Play practice to improve your game. There are three practice modes. Drills mode deals with basic controls and it's perfect for new players and also franchise veterans. Shootaround mode helps players master moves. Scrimmage mode allows players to practice against an opponent and with a team. This mode supports 1 vs. 1 and 5 vs. 5.

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