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NBA Live 18 - Do You Agree With The Rookie of the Month Choice?

time 02/04/2018

Rookie of the Month is an NBA Live 18 recognition given to a starting NBA player. Each month, the EA staff in charge of making this choice, selects two players and designates one of them as the Rookie of the Month. Those interested in checking out who receives this honor, are invited to read the Rookie of the Month article on the official game website. 
Both players are presented in the beginning. Then we have two sections called The Case for and the final conclusion at the end of the article. Two starting NBA players are selected to compete for this title. There are two general criteria for selecting players. They must be in their first NBA year and must have had a great starting performance. For example, Kyle Kuzma competed against Ben Simmons and Jayson Tatum against Donovan Mitchell. The Case for section is a very interesting read. The player's career is presented highlighting the best moments and the reasons why he deserves to be chosen as the Rookie of the Month. The conclusion and the winner are found at the end of the article. As one can imagine, is not easy choosing from so many talented players who are just beginning their NBA career and are prepared to give their best. Eventually, towards the end of the season most likely, you can get better players for your team with NBA Live 18 Coins, all Rookies of the Month will compete to become Rookie of the Year. 
NBA Live 18 has another similar column called Player of the Week. One famous basketball player is chosen each week. The article tells about his career and also how a similar character can be created in the game. The character system has positions and play styles with various traits and perks that allow users to create any basketball player. These two articles are not just interesting to read but they can also give suggestions about how to create characters or what players to choose for the franchise. 

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