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NBA Live 18 - What Are Fantasy Challenges

time 02/06/2018

mode offers NBA Live 18 players many ways to enjoy the game. One of these ways is Fantasy Challenges. Players will be required to take part in matches using their teams. Those who demonstrate they are better than their opponents will be rewarded. The challenges are diverse so players must build versatile teams. Customization and knowing how to adapt to the challenge go a long way. The prize list contains packs and coins. The contents of a pack are unknown but players can get an idea about what items they will be receiving depending on the type of the pack. If they don't wish to keep the items, they have the option to quickly sell them for NBA Live 18 coins or post them on the auction house. 
Not all Fantasy Challenges have the same rewards. Some are more profitable than others. This is the case with challenges that are time limited. Players can easily identify these by the red mark. If they see a challenge bearing this mark, they should make sure to complete it as soon as possible. These time limited challenges will give more coins and packs so it's a good idea to complete them as soon as they are available. Players might not be able to participate in challenges right away. This is because there are challenges that have requirements. Players must first make sure they meet these requirements before attempting the challenge. There are different types of challenges that take place on a regular basis so players shouldn't stress too much about missing them. For example, weekly challenges are available most of the time. It's no biggie if players miss a few occasions to complete them. The good thing about these challenges is that they are not very hard to complete and they give nice prizes. They're in no way a must but those who take the time to finish them will be accordingly rewarded. Together with other activities, Fantasy Challenges will help players get coins and items for their teams. 

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