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What You Should Know About PUBG

time 02/09/2018

PUBG was one of the most popular games of 2017 and it will surely be one of the most played games of 2018. It has been out for less than one year and it already broke records. There are millions of users playing it, streaming it, and talking about it. It's no wonder that it's one of the most appealing games of the moment. Those who wish to start playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds should be aware of some things from the start. The first thing to know about it is that it's not a free game and it does have a microtransactions system. The game costs $30 (or the equivalent in local currency). For this money, players get the game and access to all future updates. There are no features locked behind premium options. Microtransactions allow players to get crates that contain cosmetic items. Although there are players who don't agree with this system, it's important to understand that these items will not influence players' chances of success, nor boost their skills. 
The game is built on a battle royale scenario. Brendan Greene, the man behind the game, got the inspiration from an older movie. A battle royale game has specific rules so it's important to know them before jumping into a game. Players also need to know they can play alone or in a team. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. This is how a round of PUBG unfolds. A hundred players are dropped on the map. Actually, they use parachutes to jump off at the time of their choosing. The equipment they are wearing is purely cosmetic. When they land, they have nothing that may be of help so they must start looking for gear. Once every few minutes the map shrinks and players who happen to be in those areas take damage so they're forced to move. The map decreases towards the end of the round so all remaining players are concentrated in one area. The player or team that manages to take down all other players, wins the round.
Rewards are handed out based on various criteria so it's not just the winners who get prizes. What else do you want to know about the game PUBG? Please let us know. Besides this we provide more FIFA 18 Players information for you, like players ratings, best 10 FUT 18 Players, stay tund for more! 

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