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CS: GO - Map Changes and Performance Improvements

time 05/05/2018

CS: GO has an update that took care of a performance issue and made some map changes. One of the most notable changes regards the Active Duty list of maps. The Active Duty is a selection of maps that are used for tournaments organized and hosted by Valve. Other tournament organizers are free to use whichever maps they like. They are not forced to use the ones in the Active Duty rotation. Recently, there were some modifications to the maps that are part of the Active Duty. One map was removed and another one was added. Cobblestone is no longer part of the maps that are in the Active Duty pool. One map that is extremely popular, perhaps the most famous CS: GO map that is recognized even by those who don't play the game, is back in the Active Duty map pool. The map in question is none other than Dust II. This map went through some changes as well. It now provides a much better game experience and improved graphics. 
Other maps were also changed. Nuke is one of these maps. Wingman has now support for this map. The version of Nuke that is part of the Wingman map group is shorter. Players will also notice that the B bomb site is changed. The Sigma casual maps Defusal group has two new additions. The maps that were moved there are Shipped and Austria. As we mentioned earlier, Cobblestone is not among the Active Duty maps anymore. It was moved to Defusal Group Delta. 
The other major update concerns a bug fix. It was actually an exploit that caused some performance issues. The team took care of this issue. This last update brought some changes to the trade system. The change wasn't very well received by the community that started a petition asking Valve to cancel the modifications. The petition gathered almost 150,000 signatures. The company remains silent about the demand. Even if they decide to revise the changes, a revert to the old system seems impossible at the moment. 
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