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FUT 18 - What are Icons

time 05/07/2018

, the beloved FUT 18 mode, has a feature called Icons. The feature is available to those playing the game on current generation consoles and PC. Icons are football players that have achieved recognition throughout their career. There are multiple Icon cards to collect. Some of the first Icon players introduced in the game are Diego Maradona, Lev Yashin, Pele, Thierry Henry, and Ronaldo Nazario. More were added after the game was released. At the moment, there are more than 35 Icons available to collect. The complete list of Icons can be consulted on the official website but players can also find detailed listings on community websites. 
An Icon card is similar to a regular card in the sense that it can be used for the same purposes. What's different about the Icons is that they come in three versions. The idea behind this is to highlight the player's development throughout his career. The difference between the version can be seen in the attributes. Developers didn't just want to implement some great cards into the mode. They also wanted to show how the player changed and evolved over the years. Some of the player's attributes increased or decreased based on how he performed in games. For example, Ronaldo Nazario has 90 pace on his 1994 card, 97 on the one from 1997, and 93 on the 2002 card. His dribbling has gone from 91 to 95 and then to 93. Alessandro Del Piero is another Icon player. His shooting changed from a starting 88 to 90 and then to 92. Pass went to 85 from 84 and then to 89. You need to have Icons, not fut 18 coins to achieved recognition throughout their career.
To celebrate the release of this feature, a game edition called Icons has been made available. The Icon edition features Ronaldo Nazario on the cover. It comes with 8000 FUT points and an Icon three match player loan. This is currently the most expensive FUT 18 edition. It costs around $99. Buyers might pay a different price depending on local currency exchange and taxes. 

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