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GW2 - Personal Story

time 03/31/2019

GW2 personal story is a character advancement system. It's a decision based feature that shapes up the player's adventures. All players begin by creating a character. The character creation system is more than just selecting a race and a class. Players can choose the background of their characters. They also have some choices that define the character's personality and views. All these choices will decide how the story starts. When players choose a race, they also choose their home. The game has five main cities. The starting area is based on the race selection.

The personal story is a chain of quests through which players discover the game's world and come into contact with NPCs. From time to time, players will be faced with decisions that further shape up their personal story. The story is a set of instanced chapters. There are eight chapters. Each chapter has 10 quests. A chapter becomes available once every 10 levels. The final chapter is for level 80, the current max level, characters. This is where the personal story ends. Each quest of the personal story is an adventure that is based on previous decisions. Through the personal story, players will discover one of the game's three major alliances that oppose dragons. They will eventually join an alliance. The main objective is to fight against one of the most powerful Elder Dragons. Players also learn more about the world as they complete these quests. The personal story quests are mostly meant for single player but players can have others help them. They will help with fighting but they have no say when it's time to make a decision.
Players will gain some XP from the story quests but they cannot rely on it to get to the max level. Each zone has multiple objectives such as tasks and exploration that award XP. Map completion is a feature that shows players how much of a zone they have already completed. They should aim for full completion before advancing to the next zone. Map objectives are a good way to earn not just XP but also useful rewards so buy GW2 gold for your character and don't neglect them.

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