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How to Get More FUT Mobile Envelopes?

time 04/09/2019

It is possible to get many envelopes in FUT Mobile World Cup 2018 to get more players, and the truth is that there is a very simple procedure that is allowing many users to prosper a lot.

FUT Mobile World Cup 2018 is all you want from the World Cup but in the palm of your hand, and to get the best players you will have to get many envelopes that the game is coming to suit you, although you can also use coins. As we know that time is everything, we are going to tell you a trick for FUT Mobile World Cup 2018 that is working very well and that can be done, for free, with many player envelopes.
There is a way to get a lot of free overrides in FUT Mobile World Cup 2018, and we are going to detail a procedure that we think is worthwhile. The only thing you will need is some patience and time, although once you amass a large number of envelopes you will see that it has been worth it.
FUT Mobile World Cup 2018: how to get more envelopes
While there are several ways to get envelopes in the game, being the most obvious contesting and winning matches, you can also focus on the World Cup championship. And is that, specifically, play matches and win the world cup is going to bring you many more envelopes than if you only make individual matches, since in the middle you will get many other rewards that will make the time spent much more satisfying.
And the good thing about participating in the World Cup, is that you win or lose, you will always receive a basic envelope in which you can get any type of player. And is that if you participate already have envelopes, if you win the world you can get many rewards.
While you can´t vary the difficulty of the tournament, we can say that it is quite simple to finish with a little practice. The idea is that you go overcoming different parties to get envelopes and you win the tournament because when you get it you get three envelopes of the important ones so in just a few minutes you can get many of them.
By going to play matches and get goals, you can also amass coins that will allow you to open more envelopes. The good thing about all the envelopes is that you can get any type of fut players with cheap FUT Mobile coins, even those with an average over 90.

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