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Problems with FUT 19 Servers Continue

time 05/20/2019

Almost every year the most popular football game in the world is received with a hodgepodge of joy and uneasiness in equal parts: FUT usually arrives -with more or less news- to refresh the panorama of the community, but again and again it fails again when it comes to offering servers and a stable online game. FUT 19 has failed again, for the umpteenth time, and a professional seeks the support of the community to organize a boycott and achieve decent treatment.

The comments in the social networks and the forums did not wait when, once again, EA game servers fell without notice. However, this not only affected the community, but also damaged the outcome of one of the great tournaments of the year in FUT 19. Rodrigo Ulibarri, professional player of Infinity Sport, has asked the community to stop spending money on the game as a sign of discontent.
From the official account of EA Sports FUT of Latin America they wanted to publicly apologize to the entire community for the "various connectivity problems" that affected fans who wanted to play FUT. Within the difficulties, this harmed everyone who wanted to participate in the FUT Champions and the response from the developers has been to extend the deadline in 24 hours.
Another year, another fail
Another year it seems that FUT has returned to deliver a deficient product in its online section with problems that vary every week and solutions that barely stand the test of time. A part of the community has grown tired of how FUT 19 works and has called for a boycott to get a decent deal, but it will need the support of thousands and thousands of players for the corporate giant to pay attention to them.
The truth is that not everything points to the solution is complicated, of course if everything turns out to be a server problem - and it is EA who does not want to face its cost - it would be a blustering truth, but perhaps there is something more within FUT itself 19 that does not work correctly.
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In any case the most casual players could always step aside when they get fed up with such injustice, but here there are many people whose work is based on thousands of hours of training so that, when the truth is, they can not prove your level. In an industry that often does not understand efforts and results alone, professionals are the most affected by FUT's failures.

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