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FUT 19 Guides - Tactics and Defending Controls on PC

time 07/09/2019

Knowing how to control your FUT 19 players on the field can make a big difference. Here are some FUT guide on for tactics and defending moves on PC if you play using the mouse and keyboard. 

Use the up directional key to bring up the attacking tactics. Double press the up arrow to do a get in the box move. The up arrow followed by the right arrow will trigger attacking full backs. The up arrow and the left arrow will allow you to do a hug sideline move. The extra striker move is achieved with the up arrow followed by the down arrow. If you press the down arrow, you will see the defending tactics. A striker drop back is done with the down arrow and the up arrow. A team press move is done with the down arrow followed by the right arrow. If you press the down arrow and then the left arrow, you will do an overload ball side move. If you want to do the offside trap, you need to double press the down arrow. You can change the game plan using the left or the right arrow. A quick substitute is achieved with the left control key. 
Here is the list for the defending moves. Use the left shift key to change the player. When chasing, do a tackle or a push or pull move with the left mouse button. S key is used for a sliding tackle. The left mouse button is used for clearance. A jockey or grab and hold move is achieved by moving the mouse. Press and hold the right mouse button to do a contain move. If you want to do a teammate contain, then you have to press and hold D. The W key is used for a running jockey. When chasing, you can do a pull and hold move by pressing and holding the left mouse button. After a slide tackle, do a quick get up by pressing S. You can rush the goalkeeper out with the A key. When you press and hold T, you will do a cover far post. You can switch to the goalkeeper by pressing F.
That is the FUT guide for today. Do you learn something new? If you want to upgrad your players, it's always a good idea to buy some FUT coins. Stay tuned and we'll bring you more tactics on FUT controling. 

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