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What is New in FUT 20?

time 08/14/2019

is getting special attention from FUT 20 developers. After all, this is the most popular game mode. It generates a big part of the game's total revenue. FUT 20 will feature new activities.

For starters, players will work towards season objectives. The first season starts on September 19th with early access and ends on October 31st. Players will complete different types of objectives that give XP and help them earn levels. At the end of the season, rewards are obtained based on levels. The maximum level for the first season will be 30. Players will get rewards such as packs, footballers, and various items.

Besides, more customization options are coming to FUT 20. players will have more ways to create custom appearances for their club and to make it stand out. The new customization system comes with eight options. Players will be able to choose home and away kits. They can also choose a preferred badge and a celebration move. The ball can be customized too. Players will choose a favorite stadium and a stadium theme for their club. They can also choose how the crowd reacts with Tifo. All these options will allow players to make one of a kind environments. Themes and Tifo are new additions. The theme is visible on the sidelines and in the crowd for the duration of the game. The tifo will be shown during the intro and after goals. 

FUT Friendlies will give players more ways to interact. Players can use this new mode to play online or locally. These games don't consume contracts and fitness. There will also be classic 11 versus 11 games. This new mode has lots of ways to play. Systems such as the squad screen are being revised to provide a better managing experience. Squad battles got an overhaul as well. This activity has a new interface that shows more details about the enemy squad.

The pre-match setup was also changed. Players will be able to sell consumables in bulk. FUT Champions is another mode that is getting additions. Stadiums, division rivals, and the companion app are also revised.

There're the new features we knew so far about FUT 20. There's nothing new about FUT 20 coins system yet, stay tuned and we'll provide more news about them.

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