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New Features You Never Expected in FUT 20!

time 09/05/2019

FUT’s FUT 19 is popular, no one can argue with that, but how can EA keep coming up with new stuff and avoid being accused of doing the same game every year? This article will show you some new features of FUT 20, that way you can see that football games have yet a lot to give.

Personalized Clubs: even further

Well, the chance of creating your own club is already enough to seduce most football lovers, but taking a look at the new customization settings will drive you mad! FUT 20 brings 8 custom design options for your club, giving it a unique look that you always wanted.

They also added stadium themes and personalized supporters, that, aligned with the custom kits, crests, balls and celebrations, will help you create the perfect club. You can count on us for that small boost: if you need FUT Coins for your unique club to rise to the top, U7BUY is the place to go!

Amazing Friendlies at FUT 20

How about playing FUT with friends (locally or online) without wasting fitness or contracts, without risking injuries or red cards? That’s right folks, a new FUT 20 Friendly system is rising: now you can test that new FUT Player that you got, let him roll at the grass like Neymar does without risking breaking his ankle!

Well, Tyler Blair said he was really excited to talk about the new friendlies, and I agree with him, this looks awesome. You can also select 4 new House Rules for it: King of the Hill (you need to keep the ball in some areas, dribbling away and scoring goals), Max Chemistry (as the name’s mode says, you will play with max chemistry), Mystery Balls (random balls with random boosts, awesome!) and Swaps (it will swap 3 players between you and your friend). Who said local multiplayer was dead, right?

News about Division Rivals

Looks like a few changes were made into the skill ratings and at the matchmaking, trying to make players find matches quicker. Well, let’s hope it works.

But still, sometimes it is hard to get out of some divisions, and staying at the top is even harder, so if you want that little extra energy to help you compete with those that will stay 25h a day playing FUT 20, take a look at the FUT Players and FUT Coins available at U7BUY.com, I shall be your guide!

Stay tuned for more FUT 20 news! While we wait, you can always play FUT 19 or check for the boosts we have here.

(Contributed by: Heuki)

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