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FIFA 19 End Reward – How To Get FIFA 20 Prime Icon Moments Players?

time 09/06/2019

FIFA 19 is nearing the end of its life cycle but there are still plenty of things to do. And the best part is that players can start obtaining rewards for FIFA 20 from FIFA 19 activities. Starting August 23rd, keep an eye on Ultimate Team mode each Friday.

You will be getting a special pack that has some great  items. The pack will contain a Prime Icon Moments player but that's not all. Some of the best footballers from programs such as Team of the Year and Team of the Season will accompany the Icon player. These are great cards that you get to use as match loans. There are also some special activities that enable players to make use of these cards. 

Players can put these cards to good use each week. There will be a weekly objective for each pack. Make sure to log into Ultimate Team on Friday and check out the weekly objectives. You will notice an objective that can be completed with the players obtained from the packs. Complete the objective and you will get a reward. Players get a FIFA 19 pack for each completed weekly objective. But there's one more reward. You will also get some items that will be available in the new game. However, keep in mind that these are cosmetic items. Nevertheless, they are nice to have and can be easily acquired. Players will be able to claim a new stadium theme, a tifo, and some of the most beloved custom FIFA 19 Ultimate Team kits. These are not groundbreaking items but they will help you customize your team in FIFA 20. 

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch players are not getting the event. Only those playing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One are able to receive the players and complete the weekly objectives for prizes. The event ends on September 12th so make sure to get as many rewards as possible until then.

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