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FUT 20 vs FUT 19: Check the graphics comparison of EA games (First Part)

time 12/31/2019

FUT 20 is the latest release of the EA Games football game franchise. With PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One versions, the PES 2020 competitor features news and good graphics improvements over its predecessor, FUT 19. In the following lines, it prepared a comparison with the two. editions of the game, which shows the complete evolution of player models, stadiums, fans and menus between FUT 19 and FUT 20 titles.

Graphics engine
FUT 20 still runs on the Frostbite 3 graphics engine, introduced in the current generation of consoles in the FUT 17 game. Despite some stumbling blocks in FUT 19, which has made the pitches and some player models less realistic than those of FUT 18, overall the EA keeps tweaking its engine. With that, FUT 20 can be considered the most beautiful title in the series to date. Problems from the previous game, such as stadiums without great details, have been remedied and help immersively in the field.

Equal and rectangular menus
The in-game menus have not changed significantly. This was expected as FUT's window structure is well organized and a big differentiator from its direct rival, PES 2020, which still struggles to find the best visual identity. FUT 20 and FUT 19 share the same square and rectangular window layout that filters out different game modes and built-in customization options.

Unique urban look in FUT 20
A big news of FUT 20 was the Volta mode, which brought a new gameplay focused on street games, emulating a little of the aesthetics of the late FUT Street franchise. With this, new urban stadiums, casual clothes for players and new models of soccer shoes, shorts and tank tops emerged, which guarantees a very interesting differential for those looking for new airs.

End of the first half!
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