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FUT 20 Summer Heat Loyalty and Weekend League Rewards

time 06/30/2020

FUT 20 Summer Heat is an event that celebrates this year's UT. The event brings back some of the most popular player item cards and events. Players can also claim prizes based on how much UT mode they have played. If you are eligible for the packs, they will be available to obtain as long as the event is active.
Here is what you get: Those who have between 9 and 60 session days get a Jumbo Premium Gold pack. If you are in the second tier with 61-147 days then you will receive a Prime Gold Players pack. If you happen to have spent between 148 and 234 days in UT, then you will get a Rare Mega pack.The last prize, the Ultimate Pack, is reserved for those who have at least 235 session days. 
This is just the first round of rewards of this kind. There will be two more rounds that allow players to get prizes based on the time spent in UT. For the next two rounds, you will be rewarded based on how many days you spend playing UT in these time frames: June 17th to June 28th and June 17th to July 12th. Take advantage of the Summer Heat event to log additional game hours and you can be sure that you will be properly rewarded.
While the Summer Event is active, the rewards for the Weekend League include popular item cards from select FUT 20 programs. The reward for the Top 100 rank has “Best Of” 11 player packs that have 11 items with 90+ OVR. Elite 3 - Elite 1 ranks get a “Best Of” 3 player pack that includes three items that have at least 90+ OVR. The Best Of packs replace the TOTSSF packs. Gold 2+ rank player pick pack rewards will include at least one special item with 90+ OVR. The reward for the Silver 1+ rank includes at least one special item with 83+ OVR. Silver 2 and 3 ranks have rewards with special items with a maximum OVR of 88.
The special items are selected from the following past campaigns: Bundesliga TOTSSF, Community TOTSSF, Copa Libertadores, CSL TOTSSF, EFL TOTSSF, Eredivisie TOTSSF, FUT Birthday, Future Stars, Headliners, LaLiga TOTSSF, LATAM TOTSSF, Liga NOS TOTSSF, Ligue 1 TOTSSF, MLS TOTSSF, OTW, PL TOTSSF, Road to the Final, ROTW TOTSSF, Saudi TOTSSF, Serie A TOTSSF, Shapeshifter, Superlig TOTSSF, TOTGS, Ultimate Scream, and Winter Refresh.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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