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Twelve Quick Things You Need To Know About FUT 21

time 07/26/2020

1. FUT 21 comes in three versions: Standard, Champions, and Ultimate. Each version comes with a set of pre-order bonuses. 
2. The Standard edition costs $60. Pre-order bonuses include three UT packs, cover star loan for five games, a player pick loan, and special kits. 
3. The Champions edition costs $80. If you pre-order you get 12 UT packs, the loan items and special customization from the Standard edition, one career mode bonus, and three days of early access.
4. The Ultimate edition costs $90. The pre-order package includes everything from the Champions edition, with 24 UT packs instead of 12. If you pre-order by August 14th, you get a FUT 21 Ones to Watch item that cannot be traded.
5. FUT 21 price varies. You probably know this by now but the game price varies based on your location, local currency, retailer policies, and so on. Check out with your regular retailer to see how much you will be paying for a copy of the game.
6. The pre-order bonuses are available on next-gen consoles when they release and you can play FUT 21 on them. However, you need to claim them on current-gen consoles. 
7. Cover Talent loan item is the cover athlete. The cover pictures were not revealed yet, so we don't know who these players are. 
8. It's most likely that each game version will feature a different footballer on the cover. We are not ruling out local versions either that may feature other players.
9. The career mode bonus is called Homegrown Talent. This feature will give you a local player with great potential for your first club when you play career mode in FUT 21. The player is from the country of the league that you are managing.
10. Homegrown Talent is not a one time only bonus. You can use this feature each time you start a new save on your profile. This bonus feature will also be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
11. Don't expect cross-play any time soon. When asked about cross-play features, the FUT 21 development team is saying neither no, nor yes. 
12. Cross-play may or may not come to FUT 21. The development team is keeping an eye on this feature and will share more about it when/if the time comes.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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