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Winter Upgrades for Serie A Player Ratings

time 2016-02-02 12:00

Many FUT 16 fans are rocking those Italian league teams. We know there are many standout players in Serie A and we all hope to find out something about Serie A players’ rating upgrade. This is the hottest news for this upgrade. 

First player, let’s talk about Napoli hitman Higuain. He has managed to get a whopping three in-form cards bringing him up to an overall rating of 87. It is a big change or upgrade completely no matter the rating is a +1 to 85 or +2 to 86, and his potential stat will +2. Higuain is the big one though and he is currently going for under 5,000 coins, so you may want to buy now and sell for a profit later, especially if he goes up to 86. In a word, he is becoming a better. In addition, some other players like Pjanic from Roma, Juventus striker Dybala may get the upgrade for ratings. Especially, Inter Milan Keeper Handanovic has received two IF cards, which means he has get the certainty. My personal advice, if you have some IF cards for the players who will get upgrade, these cards will be upgraded at the same time. You need to consider investing on the transfer market before the Winter Upgrades are officially unveiled. 

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