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Review for Shinobi in Tree of Savior

time 2016-05-01 12:00

Shinobi is a former Class Four Seasons unfold with inbeop special tactics. Only one of the rough long and hard training can be a handful Shinobi. My own experience, after i made a sword c2, barb c2, and a Pyro c2, Linker c1, but i found these builds doesn’t work at endgame. I think it is necessary to make a review for Shinobi so that i can play it well and help others. Here we go. 

Construction PVE can use a sword C3, Barb C1, while cutting crit de buff future slash move, there is a double slash and sandstorms works, Corsair C2 or barbs C2 + Doppel, and all off the top of the Ninja . This may be more difficult to land five times the double slash, and because it is a melee move you will have your positional cloning. Now you can clone both intrauterine X5 and X5 run double slash. People tend to think of a PVP sword C3 only thing suppressed, but a double slash strong enough, and with Ninja clone synergy, and therefore worthy of study IMO. 

In addition, you should burst with Double Slash + Kunai, rather than dump everything into enhancing prerce damage for Kunai. Keep in mind, trying to put all your eggs in the basket palace, nor a decent alternative is to go to the sword C3, pick up the double slash.  

At last, if you need some cheap silver for tree of savior, please pay attention. 

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