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Elder Scroll Online tips for the absolute beginners

time 2016-12-27 12:00

Are you tired of being lost in this huge expansive world because you don’t know what to do? Tiered of Imperial scum telling you what to do and where to go? Well can’t help with the last one but I can surely show you a bunch of tips that might help you out at the begging stages of Elder Scroll Online. So if you are ready and willing I will guide you through the trials and tribulations you must bypass in order to become a true hardened veteran of elder scroll Online. Don’t be scared.

The Tips

-Chose you character carefully. The class you choose is very important in Elder Scroll Online and even though it does keep some of that Skyrim’s play like you want style, it’s not the same.

-Get a guild. We all know you look cool as a brooding lone wolf in any game, especially elder scroll Online, but get a guild…

-Upgrade your mount at the very first chance you get.

-Collect everything you see. Loot hoarding is actually a good thing in Elder Scroll Online and you will need that pesky cheese wedge this time.

-Focus on learning combat over anything. More death = more goodies.

-Get into PVP dungeons as soon as you can. Not as a wimp though…Please.

-Get more inventory space quickly.

Will this be enough?

This compilation did not turn you into an Elder Scroll Online veteran but by Talos you now know how to get around…Somewhat. This article was meant to ease you into the world of elder scroll Online but you will have to flourish on your own from that point on. Every choice is vital and if you screw up you screwed up. Now go out there and make me proud… Or at least don’t die too much.  Just like most of MMO games, Elder Scroll Online gold are important, u7buy offering the lowest price now.

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