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New Player's Guide to GW2 Crafting System

time 2017-04-01 15:00

GW2 has nine unique crafting disciplines. Armorsmiths, leatherworkers and tailors create heavy, medium and light armor. Melee, projectile and magical weapons are crafted by weaponsmiths, huntsmen and artificers. Jewelers fashion trinkets. Chefs cook food that gives buffs. Scribes create decorations and various consumables. A player can learn two discipline at a time. It's possible to switch a discipline by paying the 10 copper fee or 50 silver to retake a maxed discipline. GW2 doesn't have gathering professions but there are lots of ways to obtain the necessary materials. It's possible to get them from resource nodes on the map, from salvaging, as loot or trades with NPCs or other players. There are also materials that are crafted. Materials are put together according to recipes to obtain new items. Recipes are unlocked while leveling a profession, discovered at the crafting station or learned from a recipe sheet. 
Crafting stations are facilities found in cities that allow players to craft GW2 items. Crafting stations are unique to their discipline. When players access a station they will notice a few tabs. One of them is the bank tab, a highly convenient feature. Material storage is another tab that provides access to the place where all crafting mats are neatly kept and organized. Wardrobe tab gives access to wardrobe storage. GW2 players acquire recipes by unlocking them in the Discovery tab. They can mix multiple ingredients to come up with recipes. The actual crafting is done in the Production tab. Players will notice recipes name appearing in different colors. This signifies the recipe's level in regard to the discipline's level. Players can also see how many items of the same type they can create based on how many materials they have. Time gated recipes are recipes with a cooldown. These recipes are used to create valuable crafting materials and the restriction on the amount is placed to ensure they don't lose value due to market saturation. Players level up GW2 crafting disciplines by creating items. XP boosts are acquired when discovering a recipe, when creating a rare or masterwork item and when scoring a critical success. 

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