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What's New in FUT Mobile

time 2017-08-24 15:30

The new update for FUT Mobile is now implemented. It's simply called Update 6.3. The changes affect some aspects of the game. Bugs that players were complaining about for quite some time are now fixed. The team hopes that the update will make the game more enjoyable for all players. Android and iOS versions are updated to the new game version. There is no word on the Windows Mobile version and, as the game is sadly shutting down for this platform, there probably won't be any update for it. 
The User Profile is a new game feature. This gives users the chance to keep up to date with their progress. Users can also check other players' progress. This new option is used by opening it from the side menu. It's simply called Profile. Three separate sections that show different records are displayed. The first section shows info on the player's team such as OVR, formation, and tactic. The middle section is called VS Attack Profile and displays progress in VS attack matches against other players The third and last section is called League Profile. This is where players can see league info such as rank and individual statistics on league members. 
The gameplay should now provide a smoother match experience. Chip shots are the feature that was modified. Players will now find these shots easier. They will also notice that the controls are way better. Another gameplay change concerns corner kicks. Players have more time to do a corner kick. Two bugs were fixed. Some might remember that the pass button would not work when a possession began. This did not occur all the time but it was annoying when it did. This should not happen anymore. Another unpleasant bug gave false information about the outcome of a match. The end summary screen did not always show the correct number of goals. This is fixed as well. 
Players are encouraged to report any bug they encounter to help the developers make FUT Mobile a better game. Cheap FUT Mobile Coins are offered by u7buy to make players fully enjoy the game. 

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