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Fortnite Has Already Been Installed in Almost Half of All Nintendo Switch

time 2018-11-16 11:25

Days of work in the Nintendo offices with the presentation of various reports to clarify the finances and state of the company. Thanks to this we have been able to discover new features such as that 22.86 million units that Nintendo Switch has sold worldwide. Similarly, the Japanese brand has also made a statement of the most relevant with respect to Fortnite, the free-to-play launch of Epic Games, and is that at this point the title has been installed on almost half of all consoles hybrid of the world.
Fortnite seems to be popular in every console
Note that Nintendo has not provided a specific figure by which to measure new users close to Nintendo Switch, but taking into account the number of distributed systems we would be talking about 11 million new players. What they have mentioned since Nintendo, is that thanks to Fortnite the Nintendo Switch usage ratio has increased in recent weeks. This would imply that the presence of battle royale would have helped to increase the hours of play that the owners of the platform invest weekly.
Ultimately, remember that Nintendo Switch chose to place Fortnite as one of those multiplayer that did not need the purchase of Nintendo Switch Online. Although other great multiplayer titles do require the subscription service, the creation of Epic Games - as well as many other free-to-play - can be enjoyed without it, something that will undoubtedly have favored the use of the application.
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