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GW2 – Warclaw Mount

time 2019-03-17 13:51

GW2 has a different mount system than other MMORPGs. Mounts have attributes and can also be used in battles. Players unlock each mount by completing specific activities. While most MMORPGs have hundreds if not thousands of mounts, GW2 has but a handful. The Warclaw mount is the last added mount. It's a PvP mount so players will have to complete PvP content to obtain it. The mount cannot be used in PvE. All its abilities are designed for PvP. If you are not an active PvPer, the mount is useless, however, it's a nice addition to your mount collection. 

It's also important to note that the new mount is only available to those who have Path of Fire. The mount is obtained when players complete the Warclaw Companion achievement which you'd better to buy GW2 Gold before start your adventure. This is a meta-achievement. Here are the included achievements. There are seven of them. There's one achievement for capturing a tower, one for capturing a keep, and another for capturing a camp. One achievement requires players to get an item that drops from guards. Two other achievements task players with spending 250 badges of honor and 50 skirmish claim tickets. Players also have to complete the Warclaw reward track achievement. Players are advised to focus on Edge of the Mists as most of the objectives can be completed here. This activity has no queue so it goes faster. All the objectives can be completed in WvW. Players are advised to do some Edge of the Mists while they are waiting for the queue. The time spent in queue depends on the number of players who are online at the moment. It's advised to play at peak hours to minimize the queue time. While waiting in the queue, you can do other things so don't think of it as dead time. Players should also put one point into the Warclaw mastery ability. It takes 125 points to unlock all the abilities. If you are not a regular PvPer, keep in mind that these abilities don't work in PvE so there's no point in unlocking them. 

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