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See mistakes and successes of the partnership with Conmebol

time 2020-03-13 00:00

FUT 20 hosts the Copa Libertadores starting next Tuesday (3), and with the competition several South American teams arrive at the game. Among the news from Brazil are Flamengo, São Paulo and Palmeiras, classified for the tournament, in addition to Vasco da Gama, who is playing the Copa Sudamericana in 2020. The DLC, which is available for free for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC, will also bring two new stadiums: El Cilindro, from Racing, and Libertadores de América, from Independiente.
Because of the licensed uniforms, it is quite fun to play with Brazilian teams, but the lack of players with real names bothers. Despite this, the atmosphere surrounding games on the continent is very well reproduced in the simulator. 

Fully Licensed Uniforms
All new teams arriving with South American competitions have their uniforms fully licensed. The kits are complete, including participation patches, number of titles, sponsorships and even a goalkeeper jersey, something that has always been lacking in continent teams represented in the franchise. So, whether Sol de América, from Paraguay, or River Plate, from Argentina - which was present only as "Nuñez" in FUT 20 -, the user will have a very faithful experience.

Realistic Setting
The atmosphere of the Libertadores games in the South American "canchas" was very well recreated in the game. The fighting style and often a little more violent is present. It is worth remembering that the mechanics of the game are the same already present in FUT 20, but the players who compete in the competition have qualities and characteristics that resemble those of athletes who work in the continent.

South American Fans Well Represented
Another very cool novelty for Brazilian fans, mainly from São Paulo and Palmeiras, is the presence of some characteristic screams. During our tests, it was possible to hear the crowd cheering as in the real life stands. EA opted for simpler songs, but the feeling is that the user is watching a match at Morumbi or Allianz Parque.

Ultimate Team: Specific Libertadores Cards
Despite the absence of licensed players, Brazilian teams arriving at the DLC will have their uniforms available in Ultimate Team mode. Thus, it will be possible to see world football stars wearing the Flamengo shirt with the Libertadores champion patch, or use the Vasco da Gama shield on their team at FUT.
Regarding the pre-Libertadores, Alex Constantinescu, the designer responsible for the game's development, stated that the intention is to include these preliminary matches in the future, but this still does not happen in the current version of the simulator. According to him, it is possible to play this stage of the tournament through Career mode, with only one qualifying phase.
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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)

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