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The trade with which to earn many coins with TOTS

time 2020-05-25 00:00

The life of FUT 20 is coming to an end and, although the change of the calendar in soccer is sure to lengthen the game, many users lose interest in it in June. We will see if EA is able to revive the game when the competitions and the Champions League are played again. Whether it is achieved or not, it is a great time to try cards and enjoy some of the best players in the entire game, so we are going to recommend a simple trade with which to win many coins during TOTS.
First of all we are going to clarify two things, it is an easy trade that everyone can do, which does not require having many currencies and does not carry any risk. We proceed to explain it:

Earn coins with TOTS
Making coins with TOTS is very easy and with this trade you can easily get a return of 300,000 coins every week.
As you know, every Friday EA Sports launches the TOTS of one of the big leagues, having already left the Premier League and LaLiga Santander.
During the week he always launches an SBC for which we are asked for 11 unique gold players from the league in question to obtain an improvement envelope for this competition. The LaLiga upgrade envelope is currently available.
The strategy to earn coins is to get ahead of that movement, that is, right now that people are buying unique gold cards from LaLiga, you have to buy those from the French, German and Italian league.
The recommended purchase price for any single gold card in each league will be around 800-1000 coins. If we buy them at that price we will get a good benefit because when the SBC of that league is launched the price of these unique golds increases between 2000-2300 coins, taking out more than double what we have invested.
When should I buy the unique gold cards? When the SBC of each league comes out, people part with the rest of the unique gold cards because they are not interested, therefore it is a good time to buy.
Although I always recommend doing it on Monday or Thursday morning coinciding with the Squad Battle, Division Rivals and FUT Champions rewards.
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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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