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FUT 21 Frankfurt’s Evan N’Dicka ‘Silver Stars’

time 2021-08-07 16:18

A new ‘Silver Stars’ football player card has just been added into FUT 21’s expansive player database.
With the ongoing FUT 21 promo, FUTTIES, still going strong throughout the past few weeks, this new player card is looking to help add more depth to your starting Ultimate Team (UT) squads in the game.


If you are still fresh in UT, consider this upgraded centre-back for your defensive line-up – Eintracht Frankfurt’s Evan N’Dicka!


The 21-year old French footballer is a great defensive prospect for the future, and it clearly shows in his latest ‘Silver Stars’ stats:


Evan N’Dicka’s FUTTIES ‘Silver Stars’ Player Card: OVR 74


· Defending: 89 (+14)

· Physical: 89 (+15)

· Pace: 86 (+12)

· Dribbling: 84 (+16)

· Passing: 70 (+5)

· Shooting: 59 (+14)


N’Dicka is definitely already a prime candidate for the starting eleven spot if you have just started out in FUT 21, and missing out on his extraordinary pace would be a very big missed opportunity.


Here’s how to get him into your UT squad today, via Squad Objectives:


· WIN 3

Win three (3) matches in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.



Score eight (8) goals in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.



Assist six (6) goals in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.


N’Dicka’s Objectives are quite easy to accomplish, so make sure you complete them before 4th August 2021 (Wednesday).


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