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FUT 22 – Michail Antonio’s ‘Rulebreakers’ Boost!

time 2021-11-07 00:00

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With plenty of ‘Rulebreaker’ Player Cards now being introduced into FUT 22, one new addition has been made for West Ham United’s on-form Jamaican player, Michail Antonio!




New player cards are always welcomed eagerly by the dedicated player base of FUT 22.


With the latest additions of ‘Rulebreakers’ Player Cards now underway, one new player card has just been introduced for a major Premier League player who is currently in red-hot form for West Ham United – 31-year old robust forward, Michail Antonio!


The Jamaican international is capable of playing in various different offensive positions, although his most favoured role is possibly as his team’s Target Man or Inside Forward/ Winger.


Antonio’s upgrade boasts amazing stats such as:


(ST) Michail Antonio’s ‘Rulebreakers’ Player Card: OVR 84


· Shooting: 88 (+12)

· Pace: 87 (+4)

· Dribbling: 83 (+5)

· Physicality: 79 (+4)

· Passing: 78 (+5)

· Defending: 58 (+3)


His unstoppable Shooting attribute and explosive Pace are what makes him an endearing icon on the field for The Hammers.


There are four (4) Squad Objectives that are currently active for Michail Antonio today:


· FRIENDLY FINERY (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player)

Score a Finesse goal in eleven (11) separate matches in Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.


· ON THE HEAD! (Reward: Gold Pack)

Score three (3) headers in Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.


· PHYSICAL PASSER (Reward: Two Players Pack)

Assist four (4) goals using players with minimum stat of 75 PHY in Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.


· GO FOR GLORY (Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack)

Win by minimum two (2) goals in four (4) separate matches in Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.



There isn’t much time left for you to redeem him into your UT (UT) squad at the moment as his Squad Objectives will soon expire around 4th November 2021 (Thursday), so you need to be quick in order to nab him into your in-game roster right away!


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