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4 Ways to Progress Quickly in FIFA 22

time 2021-11-11 00:00

U7buy is best place to get cheap FUT 22 coins. You are often immersed to the point where you end up forgetting yourself. So, we would say that football has a huge passion that lifts mountains. If you are a fan of virtual football, this is your opportunity. In the case of FIFA, you should already know that the process is dynamic depending on the releases and the devices where these games can be installed. So, if you really want to progress quickly on this hobby, here is an opportunity not to be wasted.


Mastering the Jockey

It has to be said that the FIFA game does not put much emphasis on defence. On the contrary, it is a game that favours attack and also tempo with a fast accent. This allows for even more avalanches of goals in a Paris Saint Germain vs Lyon clash. The Jockey is known as a challenge system with more intelligence allowing you to keep all your opponents well away without giving away your strategy in the back.


Not sprinting much

This is a mistake that many FIFA players make. After picking up a ball, he moves forward with it, but without thinking about passing it to his teammate. All this is done in a race like no other. Since the strength in FIFA is measured, it makes its player very weak directly. This is why it is said that sprinting is counter-intuitive. This attitude only exhausts your players. And if you are in a big competition, know that you will not have a reassuring bench. The players will all be exhausted and you will be forced to replace them. In conclusion, you will end up with a bench of injured and tired players. You have to add the player to control and shoot the ball well into the goal.


The use of radar is well recommended

The radar is always placed at the bottom of the screen. It is an incomparable source of information, even though it is often not used by the players. And even when it is activated, some players do not pay attention to it. The majority of players thrive without taking this feature into account. So, this tool should already be taken seriously. It gives you the opportunity to play with your head up and to score with any player. It also allows you to know better the positioning of each player on the stadium.


Use of agile dribbling and creative running

This is what makes FIFA so special, unlike other brands of football games. To perform these two actions, you just need to hold RB/R1 at the same time while controlling your ball. It's a simple exercise and one that is always successful for those who apply it. Indeed, the creative run is activated by holding LB/L1 accompanied by a joystick stroke in your chosen direction. With these steps, your progress in the FIFA game will not be negligible. 


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