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FUT 22: David Beckham Squad Building Challenge

time 2022-04-25 09:30

In FUT 22, the FUT Captains promotion continues with Icon SBCs appearing daily. Based on the leaks, Prime Icon Moments SBC is coming soon for one of the most recognizable names in football, David Beckham. Before we continue, you should know U7buy is your best choice to take part in the Easter sale and grab the latest FUT Coins PS4 offer! 

The Prime Icon Moments card for David Beckham was leaked in the beginning of the promo, but we still haven't got more detail. We believe firmly he should show up, but it looks like his schedule may have changed. Beckham's PIM is one of the best playmakers in the game with a more than 95 in passing attributes stats.

Despite his 99 crossing ability, you would put him into best used in the center position where his slight lack of speed won't get in the way as much and he can also defend well.

David Beckham (94 OVR)

The start date and expiry date of this SBC is still “ To Be Announced”, we could be informed with more details about this card with 94 OVR in the coming weeks.

SBC Requirements
Beckham was supposed to appear during the first three days of the FUT Captains promo but has yet to appear. If it does, it could be anytime from today through Thursday, April 21st, the day before the end of the current promo. Its PIM version is currently 600K on PlayStation and 650K on Xbox, while the SBC will likely cost a bit less.

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