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World of Warcraft Legion Gearing Guide time 12/15/2016

The most common issue when players hit the max level is not having enough gear to start doing the end game content. This can be frustrating on one hand, but really fun on the other if handled properly. World of Warcraft Legion made it eas...

World of Warcraft Gathering professions time 11/18/2016

World of Warcraft has a pretty elaborate profession system. You can pick 2 primary professions in World of Warcraft out of 8 total. Some of these professions are called gathering professions and are used to gather materials for other profes...

World of Warcraft Legion patch 7.1 time 11/09/2016

Blizzard has released a new content patch, 7.1 only few months in the expansion, making it one of the fastest content releases thus far. Patch 7.1 brings plenty of new things to the table – new raid lockout, new 5 man raid-like mythic dun...

World of Warcraft: Legion Unlock time 08/31/2016

On August 30, the new expansion of World of Warcraft, WoW is: Legion published. So far there is no server problem because the players rush as in Cataclysm or Lich King. In World of Warcraft,  a number of innovations of Legion are bro...

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