Madden NFL 17 Possible Scripting time 01/15/2017

Well boys it’s that time of the month again when another EA game has been shown to have possible scripted content. With the way FUT 17 went off with the shady scripting it could be possible that Madden NFL 17 is scripted as well. Is this t...

FUT 17 Auction Tips time 11/21/2016

An impressive thing about FUT 17 is that, aside from being an excellent football game, FUT 17 boasts an impressive economy system that has its own little auction houses scattered about. This system runs on players and virtual currency but...

FUT 17 Pumping Package time 11/14/2016

In FUT 17, pumping package is luck which can bring a good players, although the players are usually have not more skills, many FUT 17 gamers want the experience of pumping package, and now i will share my pumping package experience. ...

The Keywords of Euro 2016 – Tears(II) time 07/25/2016

With the Euro 2016 over, there not only has the happiness, but also there has the sadness. The happiness for the Portugal, the Ronaldo, the Iceland and so on. The tears for other players and countries who are not get the champions. We have pus...

The FUT 17 Cover Stars Coming Soon time 10/09/2016

As we all know that cover star of fut 17 is the Marco Reus, a handsome guy. But he do not play the games since May, as the injury with him. For the injury, he also miss the important games, the Euro 2016, and even more the 2014 world cup....

Story for the Journey Mode in FUT 17 time 09/29/2016

FUT is the series video game designed by EA sports. EA improve FUT in every version continuously in players squads or slightly tweaked graphics. But this time, EA Sports added some new combinations. As well as change the graphics engine o...

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