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New Things In The Rift Of The Damned In ROI


With the updating of the Rift of the Damned in Riders of Icarus, there are many news things you will see, like new dungeon, field bosses and mounts. It will be very exciting for riders to collect them and challenge in Tritael Rift. The Rift of the Damned will open to all on 29th September, let’s have a preview today.  

Dungeon: The new dungeon we will see named Breach, the entrance located at the top of Tritael Rift which means players need to have mounts that have an extremely high maximum altitude. You will meet boss Izhora who forming an army of evil spirits wandering the Rift to bring vengeance to all that is living.What we need to do is defeating Izhora's evil army and free the shackled spirits. There is another new boss named Umax in this dungeon. Unlike previous dungeons, there are areas within the Breach where you can mount on ground and areas where an air familiar is required to progress through the dungeon. 
Tip: Before going into The Breach, it’s better to ensure many mounts are at maximum energy. 

Spirits: There are four Spirits: Ikeria the Light Spirit, Flam the Fire Spirit, Faudrus the Darkness Spirit and Kelsier the Water Spirit. They are from the clashes between the power of Ellora and Zelnaris. 

Mounts: There are some new mounts you will see, and some of them are unique, like Void Letonsia, Kargyles and Pegasus. All mounts from the Rift have a natural resistance to the “Resonance” environmental debuff effect. The first one Void Letonsia which was used to patrol the Tritael Rift by the Pegasus Knights could carry up five Riders together. 

The second one Kargyles are mutated dragons that awoke when the Rift collapsed and their minds intertwined with the dormant ancient dragons. There are two types: "Void Kargyle" (Possess enhanced magical powers./ Stats are useful for classes that utilize magic.) and "Twilight Kargyle” (Possess enhanced physical powers./ Stats are useful for classes that rely on physicality.)

The third one Pegasi are very easy to tame because they were tamed by Pegasus Knights before; they just lost their masters in battle.  

Boss: At last, let’s have a look at the field boss of the Rift. Riders will meet few new bosses here, the biggest one of them is Jumawu. When Jumawu started consuming the energy emitting from the center of the Rift it began to gradually transform and more violent in Tritael Rift. You will get special gear and items when you win, so get ready now with cheap Riders of Icarus gold buying from u7buy.com. Delivery time is 15 minutes usually with 24 hours online service!

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