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Riders of Icarus Taming Guide


Dragon Knight Station is the first place where you learn how to tame familiars in the world of Riders of Icarus but there is a bit more to it in the end. Taming familiars is a skill that you acquire through playing and getting a lot of beasties for yourself but what if I told you that there exists a guide for this? Yah, you get where I’m going with this and now without further stalling for time lets go down to the guide and see what the secrets to taming familiars in Riders of Icarus just are. 

Taming Guide

- Familiars with lower HP have a better chance being tamed in Riders of Icarus and this is best used with Elites and Heroics.

-You can sneak up to a hostile familiar and perform a “surprise tame”  which tends to work well.

-Always bring multiple required items for familiar taming just in case you fail.

-For taming flying familiars it is best to shoot them down with your crossbow which works nicely unless they are too high. If this happens, get the taming ability on your mount hotbar. Activate and jump.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well truth be told it pretty much is, unless you have no idea what you are doing in the game. 

More information

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