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Riders of Icarus More Taming Tips


So you want to tame beasts in Riders of Icarus? Well this article is going to help you do just that. WE have provided ROI tips straight from the ever loving community and they will surely be able to help you out when taming animals. So without further ado, scroll on down and read the Taming tips for Riders of Icarus made just for you. 
When using the tame skill, you’re put into a special stance that makes it to where you can walk up to any tamable mob and hit the spacebar to jump on it and start taming it. This brings up a special system, where you actively have to participate to make the tame successful. 
Assuming you fill up the success bar before it fails, you have now tamed the beast as a mount and can use it. If you failed, you can try again until you succeed (note that some require multiple tries – it appears there’s a decent amount of RNG involved) so if you fail, give it another go. When one of the icons above it lights up, hit the appropriate key and you will get it under control a bit and fill up more of the success bar.
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Final Words
Taming is a lot of fun and even without this tip article for ROI you will have a blast trying to figure it out on your own. But as taming is the main point of Riders of Icarus you would do well if you read this tip article for ROI to its fullest. So go on into the world of Riders of Icarus and get yourself some tamed beasts. 

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