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Runescape 2007 - Discover What the Five Great Kourend Houses Have to Offer


Great Kourend is an area in Runescape 2007 that is home to five houses. The gameplay is based on tasks and reputation system. Players perform tasks for the five houses. They will gain their favors and unlock access to various facilities. 
The Arceuus House members specialize in magic. In the area associated with this house, players will find a library, a mine and an altar. The library requires players to help visitors finding texts in books. The mine is the place from where dense essence blocks are obtained. The dark altar transforms these blocks into dark essence blocks. Players will also find a wizard NPC that unlocks a necromancy spell book. 
The Hosidius House provides the kingdom with food. Its members are farmers and cooks. On their domain, players can take part in a farming mini game. There are also farming and general stores. Two pubs are available. The woodcutting guild is a good place to farm all sorts of trees and also the redwood tree. Players can mine saltpeter deposits and use the charcoal furnace. Shayzien soldiers can be found in the mess. Players can give them food to gain favor and cooking XP. 
The Shayzien House is a military organization that makes sure that Great Kourend citizens follow the law. They are also in charge of protecting the kingdom. Players can obtain house specific armor, they can help captain Ginea and access the Lizardman Canyon.
The Lovakengj House deals with mining and smithing. They are also responsible for the crafting of equipment used by Shayzien soldiers. Players who gain Lovakengj favors gain access to sulfur and lovakite mines. Two stores sell general items and pickaxes. There is also a pub called The Deeper Lode. On Lovakengj domain players will find a place where they use dynamite to get ores. 
The Piscarilius House is there for all things fishing. They provide access to some stores from where players can buy general items and fishing equipment. There is also a food shop. Players can assist captain Khaled by stealing artifacts. This is also the place to obtain anglerfish. 
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