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Til Death Do Us Part Event of RuneScape 3


October comes to RuneScape 3 with a Halloween themed event. Available until the beginning of November, the event requires players to complete several objectives. The event is called Til Death Do Us Part. It all began with a rift that appeared out of nowhere. General Moia is trapped in the rift and Death is barely managing to keep the situation under control. Adventurers are needed to set things straight. If something is not done then Moia could be lost and the entire Daemonheim invaded by unknown forces. Players will not adventure into this quest alone. They will side with Death's allies. War, Pestilence, and Famine are not normally someone you would want on your side but the rift threat is currently more important than anything else. Players must first travel to Draynor Lodestone. Death is normally found on the north eastern side. The event changes each week. Each time one of Death's allies comes, it will bring a new event feature. 
Players will be nicely rewarded for their troubles. They get to visit a room that is filled with riches. The trick is that their time inside the room is limited so they have to rapidly decide what to get. The event has some unique rewards. During the event, the drop chances for certain items have been increased. Players will have double than usual chances at getting the ghost hunter outfit and cheap RuneScape 3 Gold. They will also acquire more easily the herb burner. Another item that will drop more frequently is the ghostly essence. The drop rate was boosted by 10%. The rewards get better based on the number of players that are taking part in the event. Til Death Do Us Part is a free to play event so everyone is welcome. 
This event is a great chance for free RuneScape 3 players to get some rewards. The event has the same rewards for all players. The downside is that some of the rewards still require a premium subscription in order to be used. 

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