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All you need to know to advance into Nighthold in World of Warcraft


Krosus is a giant boss that looks menacing but the encounter is nothing more than a gear/damage check. Players will stand on the bridge in front of the boss. A yellow arrow pointing left or right will appear, all players have to move in the opposite direction to avoid the Fel Beam. Tanks have to stand in the two brown circles when the boss casts Slam. Players that have the Orb of Destruction have to run as far back as possible. Burning Pitch has to be soaked else adds will spawn. Once every 90 seconds a part of the bridge collapses leaving less room for players. 
Tichondrius fight requires players to learn how to deal with some annoying mechanics. The easiest way is to place some markers on the floor so players know where the stand. Tanks affected by Feast of Blood must kite the adds away from the boss towards a marker, a few damage dealers should kill these adds immediately. Another marker helps deal with the Carrion Plague. Players with this debuff have to stand between the marker and the boss but away from the other party members. Phantasmal Bloodfang adds have to be taken down to gain the Essense of Night buff. During echoes of the Void players hide behind pillars. Towards the end of the encounter players can focus the boss and omit the adds. 
High Botanist Tel'arn is a fight that requires lots of movement. Tanks have to swap at seven stacks of Recursive Strikes, move the boss away from Grace of Nature and pick up the boss images. Players that get fixated by adds have to kite them around while the others kill them. Those infected by Parasitic Fetter must move away from the group to be safely dispelled. Call of the Night players should pair up with players that are not affected by this debuff. 
Star Augur Etraeus is another fight where positioning is important. Players have to stack up for Absolute Zero and Frigid Nova but move away from each other when Fel Nova is cast. When the adds cast Witness the Void players have to turn away else they will be feared. These adds have to be killed immediately. Those affected by Icy and Fel Ejection have to move away from the raid. Tanks should swap at four stacks of Felburst and six stacks of Voidburst.   
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