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World of Warcraft - A Quick Introduction to Artifact Weapons


World of Warcraft Legion expansion introduced a new feature called artifact weapons. Each specialization has a unique weapon with appropriate attributes, perks and relic slots. This system replaces the old weapons system. Players will acquire the artifact weapons associated with their class and specialization and use them throughout Legion content and possibly in the next expansion as well. The quest to obtain an artifact weapon is obtained from NPCs in the class hall. Each weapon has its own quest line. Players can unlock all weapons for their played class. 
Artifact weapons can be upgraded and customized. Artifact knowledge is a research based feature that will speed up the upgrade rate. A weapon's upgrade level is measured in artifact power. This works like an XP system. Players complete activities and earn World of Warcraft items that grant them artifact power. When enough artifact power is obtained, the artifact weapon gains a new point. A progression bar shows players how close they are to unlocking a new point. These points are called artifact trait points and are spent to unlock perks in the artifact tree. Players must be in their class hall to spend artifact points. The perks grant them passive or active abilities. Relics are items that can go in an artifact weapon relic slot or socket. Each weapon has three slots and each slot can have one type of relic. A relic provides a perk like boosting a certain ability. 
Players' goal is to max out their artifact weapons as soon as possible. A weapon's item level depends on two things: the item level of the used relics and its upgrade level. It is recommended to use relics based on the provided bonus and not on item level value. The time spent to max out an artifact weapon depends on artifact knowledge and power. Knowledge is unlocked by researching it and that takes a fixed amount of time for each level. Artifact power items are acquired from almost all Legion activities. They are obtained from quests, world quests, drops, PvP and so on. 
Players should finish the artifact knowledge research before starting the next artifact weapon upgrade. Cosmetic customization is used to change weapons appearance. It's possible to use transmogrification on artifact weapons. If you want to play well and have more fun in game, remember prepare enough World of Warcraft Gold for your character.  

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