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World of Warcraft - Light's Breach Tactics


Garothi Worldbreaker. Its main abilities are Annihilation and Decimation. Annihilation will place yellow-green circles on the floor that explode doing AOE damage unless players stand in them to soak the damage. Decimation is a debuff that leaves a damage dealing area on the floor. Affected players will make sure to be away from the group when the debuff expires. At 60% HP on normal and 65% HP on heroic, the boss will reveal its weapons, Annihilator and Decimator. After one is destroyed, the boss won't use its corresponding ability but the other will be empowered. At 30% HP on normal and 35% HP on heroic, the boss reveals the remaining weapon and players have to destroy it. The weaponless boss gains a damage buff so it's a DPS race from now on. 
Felhounds of Sargeras. The two bosses, Shatug and F'harg, must be tanked away from each other. Each boss does certain abilities when their energy reaches a preset threshold. We will start with Shatug which you'd better make preparation before start, like enough World of Warcraft Gold. At 33 energy, he throws a purple sphere that moves dealing damage. At 66 energy (heroic only), he will place a debuff that slows and fears on expiration. The fear effect can be countered by stacking with others. At 100 energy, he will deal AOE damage. Here are F'harg's abilities. At 33 energy, he will shoot a beam at players that deals damage. At 66 energy (heroic only), some players will be stunned while they take damage over time and also damage nearby players. At 100 energy, the raid takes AOE damage and some players are affected by a debuff that deals damage to nearby raid members. 
Antoran High Command. This is a three boss encounter with one boss active at a time. Players will deal with the active boss but also with the abilities of the two inactive bosses. Here are the abilities while the bosses are in their pods (inactive). Chief Engineer Ishkar will put mines that explode if players come too close to them. General Erodus summons adds. Admiral Svirax does AOE damage that also places a debuff on players. Players can use the pod of the active boss to do damage and to place damage reduction barriers and good World of Warcraft  items that will help the raid deal with the inactive bosses' abilities. 

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