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About Zalando

Zalando is a website selling shoes, fashion, and beauty. It's active across Europe. Zalando was founded in 2008 in Germany. It has millions of customers around Europe. In addition to Zalando's multi-brand online shopping website, Zalando also runs discount shopping clubs Zalando Lounge, and outlets in 12 cities in Germany.
Zalando is like any other online marketplace. There is always a bunch of discounted stuff on Zalando. Pay attention to the discount section. Because you will find amazing deals that are much cheaper than usual. That will be a perfect chance to save money with your Zalando gift card.

What is a Zalando Gift Card?

A gift card Zalando is a digital prepaid card that contains money in it. Since Zalando is an online seller, don't think about playing the Zalando gift card as a dart. You can buy Zalando gift card online and top up the money in your Zalando account. Zalando cards can also be used directly to check out on Zalando.
The Zalando gift card is a prepaid shopping card issued by Zalando. They can be consumed in designated merchants or malls, with a certain face value. Consumers can use gift cards as cash and deduct the corresponding cash when shopping. The Zalando gift card has a certain expiration date and cannot be used after it expires.
Compared to traditional cash gifts, Zalando e-gift card is more personalized and distinctive. It can choose suitable merchants and products based on consumer preferences and needs. Meanwhile, the design of gift cards is usually exquisite and has a certain collectible value, making them suitable as gifts for family and friends.
The good thing is that you can use multiple Zalando e-gift cards for one order. The bad thing is that the amount of Zalando gift card in 1 order cannot exceed €200. You can only use €5000 of Zalando e-gift cards per month.
Don't worry when your gift card Zalando has more money than the total of your order. The remaining amount will be added to your Gift Card Total of your Zalando account. This is a quite thoughtful feature.
Zalando has other businesses like Zalando Lounge and outlets. But sadly, Zalando gift card can only be used on While this is not that considerate.
Besides, the Zalando gift card can be valid for 5 years from the purchase date. That is long enough for anyone to find a chance to use it. It's strange that since it has been set for such a long time, why not just make it permanent?

What Can You Buy Zalando Card?

In short, all the products listed on Zalando can be bought with Zalando gift cards. Zalando is a large comprehensive online retailer. You can find anything you can wear on your body at Zalando. But they only sell branded clothes. You can find all the products you can think of on a fashion retail website on Zalando. Just name a few on the list, clothes, shoes, accessories, beauties, and so on. Those products are all branded. Some of them may not be good brands but are branded indeed. Almost all the brands you can think of can be found on Zalando. Or you can just check them out on Zalando. You don’t expect me to finish the list, do you? The gift card Zalando is anonymous and does not require an additional payment password. But not every Zalando giftcard can be fully used. Some gift cards can be wasted due to forgetting, losing, and other reasons, so it is important to make reasonable use of them.

Where to Buy Zalando Gift Card?

You can purchase Zalando gift card at the official website or find an online marketplace like U7BUY. Although buying from the official website is easy and can choose from various covering pictures, you can buy Zalando gift card online with better prices at the third-party platforms. Of course, U7BUY will also provide 24-hour online customer service support for your purchase of Zalando e-gift card. Tell the customer service team about the difficulties you encountered during your purchase, and they will use their sincere attitude to solve them for you. Another crucial point is to ship quickly. Nothing is more wonderful than online shopping and receiving products immediately upon arrival! Don't want to miss out on the good opportunity for discounts and promotions on Zalando clothing, shoes, and even sports products? Just come to U7BUY to purchase a Zalando e-gift card, a stable and reliable platform like ours will never disappoint customers.

How to Redeem Zalando Gift Card?

To top up your Zalando gift card into your account:
1. Go to
2. Go to the My Gift Card Total section.
3. Enter your Zalando gift code.
4. Click on Redeem Gift Card.

To use a gift card Zalando at check out:
1. Enter your Zalando gift card code in the Add a voucher/gift card field.
2. Click on Redeem.

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