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Blade and Soul Farming and Getting Gear


B&S is a game full of wonderful items and interesting things but there are some that are too expensive. If you truly want to get the most gold and the best gear in Blade and Soul you can do a few things. You can either follow this guide in order to know the best ways to farm and get things or you can go and buy cheap Blade and Soul gold in no time. Whatever you choose, the guide for Blade and Soul farming is below. 
Either naksun, you may have troubles to beat him at the beginning but your class is pretty good for it and your ap isnt too low. (i cleared naksun with a 380ap, hm3 kfm), so it’s rather about knowing how to beat him.
If you prefer to be around people you can try SSP, soulstone plains. Farm pp and trade it all until you reach max rank (subjugator for crimson, first lieutenant for cerulean) and then try to get the 500pp chests for soulstones.
Also you get key's from boar chests and evolved stones from battle (one attack + one def battle) which are both pretty valuable.
Noth moonstone prices and soulstone prices aren’t that good right now but i can’t really think of another effective method. And both depends on your speed/dps a lot, so it gets better over time
So in the end, farming in Blade and Soul is a pretty simple thing once you have a guide behind your back. If you still feel hard, you could buy BNS Power Leveling cheap any time. Now go out there and follow this B&S guide which will take you to greatness. Now go on you crazy kid and have some great fun. 

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