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About XBOX Live Gold

What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold is an Xbox subscription that allows gamers to access many additional benefits and features on the console network and gives you access to the Xbox online multiplayer community. You can play online Xbox games on your console with players all around the world. Xbox Live Gold also gives you 2 to 4 free games every month, as well as deep discounts on Xbox One games and early access to upcoming titles. The devices such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S are supported.
If you own a console and want to enhance your gaming experience, purchasing an Xbox Live Gold membership card might be a good option.

What Can I Do with Xbox Live Gold?

With an Xbox Live Gold Card, you can use your Xbox to play Kinect and controller games online with friends no matter where they are. Instantly watch HD movies, TV shows and sports, with Kinect your voice is the remote, and even use your phone or tablet as a second screen to control and interact with what you`re watching. Plus, you can now browse the web on your TV using Internet Explorer for Xbox. Xbox makes entertainment better.

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