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What we know about Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind


The latest Elder Scrolls Online expansion takes players to one of the most beloved Tamriel locations: Morrowind. New area, new quests, new PvP activities, new class and a lot more features expand the existing content. 
On the island of Vvardenfell, Vivec awaits the arrival of a hero. Vivec is a new character for Elder Scrolls Online but an old friend ofES those who played The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind. Players will find out what happened in Morrowind 700 years before the events of the third Elder Scrolls game. Vivec is consumed by an illness. A Daedric threat looms over the world. More than 30 hours of questing and investigations are required to set order in Morrowind. The adventure takes heroes through the mushroom forests, to the dangerous Ashlands and invites them to discover Vivec City. The new Elder Scrolls Online content is not level restricted. Players have the option to travel to Morrowind with their old characters or begin another chapter with a newly created hero. 
Warden joins the Elder Scrolls Online class selection. Nature spells and beast companions are a Warden's battle assets. Like all other classes, this one can also be personalized to achieve different play style. A mighty War Bear is a Warden's trusted ally. A new expansion wouldn't be complete without fresh content. Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind features a new PvP mode. Three teams of four players fight each other in arena like matches on different maps. PvE fans are given a new trial to conquer. The Halls of Fabrication in the Telvanni Tower is a new PvE activity for groups of 12 players. 
TESO Morrowind is premium content. There are five available versions including a physical collector's edition. The standard edition also includes the base Elder Scrolls Online game so it's great opportunity for new players to discover the land of Tamriel. All pre-orders come with a Discovery Pack that features a Warden costume, treasure maps, a pet, XP boosting items and Dwarven Crown Crate. Expect that, the most important thing is prepare enought ESO Gold PS4, or xbox one/pc which you will need in game. For some of materials, new players could buy ESO Items online, cheap, fast delivery are enssured. 

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