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FFXIV Key Questions and Guide Contents


Why should I start crafting?
      I want to be able to make my own gear/weapons that benefit my main DoW/DoM class!
      I want to make more Final Fantasy XIV Gil and be rich!
      I want to make cute minions & beautiful furniture for my FC house!
Pick a Few Main Crafting Classes for your DoW/DoM:
Final Fantasy XIV is designed so that all crafting classes are intertwined with each DoW/DoM. You can take 1 or 2 crafting classes and expect to fully empower your main DoW/DoM. 
Abbrev for all the crafting classes:
WVR: Weaver > makes chest plates/weapons
GSM: Goldsmith > makes weapons
LTW: Leatherworker > makes chest pieces/pants/weapons
CRP: Carpenter > makes weapons 
ARM: Armorer > makes armors
BSM: Blacksmith > makes weapons 
ALC: Alchemist > makes pre-relic weapons

Finer Details

Gathering classes to support Crafting in FFXIV:
Miner (MIN) supports mainly ----- GSM, LTW, ARM, BSM
Botanist (BTN) supports mainly -- CRP, ALC, WVR, CUL
Fisher (FSH) supports ------------- CUL
What are the benefits of leveling all crafting classes to 15?
"Cross Class Skills" at level 15. By achieving all-15, you can acquire all these skills which can be used by ALL crafting classes, and it will make your crafting life a lot easier.
Crafting Conditions:
1) Normal
2) Good
3) Excellent
4) Poor
Conditions have nothing to do with progress and have everything to do with quality. Good condition pops up at about 1/4 chance and excellent at about 1/20 chance in the world of FFXIV.
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Tips for young Crafters

There are 2 basic tips for crafting in Final Fantasy XIV:

Tip 1: When crafting a quest item use a level 50 crafting class, but switch to your lowest level crafting class when turning in your quest
Tip 2: At Rank 5, a handicap will be placed onto you to ban you from using any cross class skills. My way of doing it was to use Weaver. I simply push quality with Great S + Advanced T under Steady H, and then let Careful Syn II finishes up with ease.

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