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Q:Will the Pokemon Go account I bought get banned?

A: All accounts have the possibility of getting banned. Please do not use any bot or third-party program to log the PTC account for playing. If there's anything wrong with the Pokemon Go account you bought from u7buy.com, do not change anything...

Q:How Candy Farming/ Stardust Farming works?

A: Professional farmers will sign in your Pokemon Go account and farm Pokemon Go Candy/ Stardust for you. And we will  email you when we finished your order.  Fast and Safe!

Q:How(long) to receive Pokemon Go account?

A: U7buy.com staff will arrange delivery for you and send Pokemon Go account details to your email in 15 minutes usually when payment received. Please read the note under the account carefully, they are very important. And contact with us if you...

Q:How to receive Pokemon after placed my order?​

A: First, you need to fill in your right account details when you place Pokemon Go Pokemon order at u7buy.com. Our professional staff will sign in your account and catch the Pokemon you bought for you. We offer Perfect Pokemon, Rare Pokemon,...

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