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Secrets and Tips to Be Better in FIFA 17 (Part 3)


We have started this trip with you from the first moment you embarked on this adventure called FIFA 17. It has been difficult, it has been hard, but we are sure of something: we are becoming better players of FIFA 17.
In part 1 and 2 of this collection of secrets we have told you the best tips from our experts. These are secrets that they have actually used to become better players. We are already talking about being analytical, having patience and taking advantage of the opportunities that the game offers
us. Today we are told how to use passes and shots in our favor. Let's start!
Do not be afraid to return the ball to your area
Although it seems that when we return the ball to our area we are backing, we are actually moving forward. Why? Because otherwise we would not have the ball in our possession. This version of FIFA makes us think too much about our movements, so if you still do not know how to attack, return the ball with short touches and develop your plan of attack.
Do not shoot very hard
Something that also changed in FIFA 17, is the AI of goal keepers and is that it is super difficult to score a goal. This is more than good, since you feel the realism of a true football game, but it is tedious not to be able to score. Therefore, when you are in the goal area, load the shooting bar and then press the trigger button again, that way you will confuse the goal keeper and you will surely score.
Do not use the sprint button much
Although the first thing that occurs to us when having the ball is running, this is not a good idea. Our experts tell us that they rarely use the sprint button, since it seems like a bad tactic to defend the ball. His recommendation is to calm down and dodge the opponents, since it will be easier to guess his movements in this way. At the end, buy FIFA 17 Coins Xbox One /PS4 cheap from u7buy for your ultimate team building, cause you could spend less money here and get FUT 17 Coins easy and quick.

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