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The Difference of Former FIFA Cover - Lionel Messi


Lion Messi,one of the super stars in the world now, and he is also the former fifa cover, and now for the fifa 17 cover is the Marco Reus.

Besides the football life, the Messi also has the different lifes, he also have the pets as the normal people.

As Messi is injuried recetly, his training is on the limits. However, he is not alone, he is accopany by his pets, dog. That is a gift from his wife,and likely Messi likes this pets very much as he has upload many photos with it. And he is upload the photos with his dog yester again, and the Argentina looks very relax. As for the injury, Messi may be will miss the match for Saturday,but will be back for the Champions League.

As we all know Messi is the former cover for fifa, and the fifa 17 cover is not him again, and the new cover is the Reus. Who you like for the fifa 17 cover? Messi or Reus? Or can you choose to play fifa 17? If you like to play fifa 17, we can offer you fifa 17 coins or fifa 17 points account to play the game, need them, buy from us and enjoy gaming!

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