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VAR in FIFA 19


If you have been aware of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, you may have noticed that there is an assistant number 4, that is, an extra person who supports the revisions of the plays. That's right, it's about the VAR system.
The VAR has already been used in other games of other cups of the world, however, this time it has been used too much and there are even those who believe that it should disappear, because it is abusive in some occasions.
VAR in FIFA 19?
After seeing this controversy, we started to think about the possibility of seeing the VAR in FIFA 19 and we came to the conclusion that it would be an interesting addition, since its operation would be something new, but at the same time complicated.
Imagine this: you are playing and you think that the opposing player hit the ball with your hand and request the review by the VAR System. Start the review frame by frame to detect the play, but what would be the criteria to decide if it was a hand or not?
Would return the Mario Kart Handicap
It would really be arbitrary and gives us the idea of thinking that a classic case of "Handicap" could happen, just like the one that happens in Mario Kart when you go in eighth place and the game magically begins to give you all the powerful objects (stars, bullets and mushrooms).
Based on this example, we can think and ensure that the VAR system would not be a good addition to FIFA 19, since it would not be a fair system and would lend itself to predictable games in which at least 3 goals per game would be eliminated.
What do you believe? Would you like FIFA 19 to have the VAR system? Leave us your comment!

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