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Catch up With the Latest FIFA Mobile Attack Mode Seasons Changes


Attack Mode Seasons is a competitive multiplayer FIFA Mobile activity that currently lasts for two weeks. Two seasons are played in a month. Players start by competing against members from their own division. Wins are rewarded with fans and players promote to a higher division based on the number of accumulated fans. Once every two weeks the leaderboards are partly reset and a new season starts. Since FIFA Mobile was released, the team constantly worked on improving this competitive mode. 
The latest change to Attack Mode Seasons will add a few extra days to the current season but this is not all. FIFA Mobile is preparing for a big Attack Mode Seasons update and this is just the beginning. Players have a few more days to work towards the highest rank that is FIFA Champion. Those who achieve this get a special Champion Token. There are nine player plans on which users can choose to spend their hard earned token. Players can also expect to see some changes in the reward system. This is important news as it concerns reward tokens and how they can be used before they expire. The nine plans that make use of these tokens are four April plans, other four plans for the month of May and the last plan is the one that allows players to get Griezmann player card with a 99 OVR. These are the last plans that will use those reward tokens. Players that have not yet completed the plans have one more chance to get a token during the May season. The good news is that May player cards that are obtained with plans are easier to get as only one token is needed. Players have almost a month to work towards their rewards and to prepare for the big changes. Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins are avaliable at u7buy, in the mean time FIFA Mobile latest updates and news are regularly posted on the u7buy and it's official social network pages. 


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